Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Dwight Cummins2

Dwight Cummins

Dennis Duerst2

Dennis Duerst

Jim Ellis

Jim Ellis

Judy Freund2

Judy Freund

Doug Geissler rev 2017

Doug Geissler

Sue Gerlach2

Sue Gerlach

Todd Gillingham2

Todd Gillingham


Gary Kelsey

Katrina Larsen rev 2017

Katrina Larsen

Clarence Malick

Clarence "Buck" Malick

Heather McAbee2

Heather McAbee

Mike Pepin rev 2017

Mike Pepin

Steve Schroeder2

Steve Schroeder

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Marsha Shotley

Charlie Wikelius rev 2017
Linda Skoglund2

Linda Skoglund

Matt Thueson2

Matt Thueson

Charlie Wikelius


Heather Logelin
Mary Aaby 2017
Sally Hermann

Heather Logelin, President
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Mary Aaby, Controller
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Sally Hermann, Administrative Associate
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Margi Miller rev 2017

Margi Miller C.F.R.E., Chief Operating Officer
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Angie Pilgrim

Angie Pilgrim, Grants and Programs Officer
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Stacey Rivard

Stacey Rivard, Administrative & Communications Associate
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