The St. Croix Valley Foundation’s competitive grants programs are the result of the generosity of many wonderful donors who wished to support the people and the communities of the St. Croix Valley.

SCVF awards grants through the following grant programs:

Music Education –  Projects that enhance the quality of school-based music education programs and enrich student’s musical skills and appreciation. The SCVF is no longer accepting applications for the Music Education Competitive Grant Program.  The online application is now closed and will be reopened in July 2018.

Valley Arts Initiative – Projects that increase public understanding of, and access to, an array of artistic activities.  The online application is now closed.  Funding decisions will be made in April.

Health and Wellness – Projects that tackle the challenge of childhood obesity by exploring the interactions between physical activity, healthy eating and the rich, natural resources the St. Croix region has to offer — its parks, farms or gardens, open spaces, forests, trails, lakes, and rivers.  The online application is now closed.  Funding decisions will be made in April.

Other Interest Areas – SCVF will consider funding projects outside of these grant programs, although funding is very limited. If your organization is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and would like to be considered through this process, please contact Angie Pilgrim at 715-386-9490 or via email. An organization is limited to one proposal for each grant program. An applicant may submit a proposal for a different SCVF grant program during the same grant cycle if they are eligible.