The SCVF supports local non-profits, knowing a vital nonprofit sector makes our communities strong.  The SCVF is proud to work with an array of nonprofit organizations that have a great impact on the people and landscape of the St. Croix Valley.  The St. Croix Valley partners with area non-profits in several ways:

  • Non-profits can establish agency endowments with the SCVF.  These endowments provide organizations with long-term financial security and the benefit of the Foundation’s professional administration and investment management of their funds. In addition, nonprofits can apply for grants and other assistance provided by the Foundation and its affiliates.
  • In SCVF’s 20 year history, we have helped organize many workshops, conferences, and other professional development opportunities to strengthen the leadership, governance, and management for nonprofit organizations in the St. Croix Valley.
  • The SCVF offers Grants to help local nonprofits strengthen their programming.