As SCVF approaches the end of our fiscal year, we thank you, our fund holders, for your philanthropic hearts and your partnership.  With your help, the SCVF has stayed true to our mission: enhancing the quality of life in the St. Croix Valley.  The SCVF strives to keep philanthropic dollars local – supporting the places we love and the non-profit programs that we know are effective.  With your help, the SCVF is making sure that this beautiful place we call home is the best it can be now, later, and forever.

As you may know, the SCVF awards approximately $100,000 annually through our competitive grant programs – which represents approximately 35% of the requests we receive.  The SCVF is unable to fund – based on the number of requests received, the funding available, and the specific program guidelines – many worthwhile initiatives throughout our service area.

If you have remaining available to spend on your endowed fund and want to do more, please consider the following narratives from area nonprofits.  If you are interested in one of these programs, please let the SCVF know by submitting the grant recommendation form.