Benefits of Affiliation

Benefits of Affiliation – Communities that create an affiliate foundation within the St. Croix Valley Foundation effectively pool resources for community betterment, benefit from experienced investment and administration services, and generate increased awareness of community needs and citizens’ philanthropy.

Pooling Resources for Community Betterment

  • An Affiliate Foundation is a permanent, steady, and secure source of grant making that addresses present and future local community needs.
  • The Affiliate provides a catchment for bequests and other gifts (both large and small) that will benefit the entire community.
  • Funds established with the Affiliate are an attractive option to donors, particularly those who wish to make large gifts or leave a gift by bequest since the donation is maintained in perpetuity and is not expended for short-term operating costs.
  • Those who give to funds with the Affiliate often become more involved and provide leadership for philanthropic organizations and endeavors. An Affiliate Foundation can be a powerful force in mobilizing community advocates.
  • Growing communities are strengthened by their ability to serve citizens’ needs now and for future generations

Benefiting from Experienced Investment and Administrative Services

  • The Foundation’s Finance and Investment Committee is composed of board and community volunteers primarily in the fields of banking, business, finance, and investment. They are advised by an investment consultant that has deep expertise about various fund managers and helps them think through diversification and risk management.
  • A simple document can establish an Affiliate endowment, eliminating the need for establishing a stand-alone nonprofit corporation.
  • Quarterly accountings are provided to the Affiliate.
  • Fund documents and policies and procedures are already created and ready for use by the Affiliate.
  • Serving the Foundation is a professional administrative support staff committed to meeting its accounting/financial, program, and communication needs. Generating Increased Awareness of Community Philanthropy
  • Affiliates share in the public relations efforts of the Foundation and are featured in print pieces such as the Foundation’s Annual Report, and on our Web site, all of which create more awareness of the Affiliate among the donor community.
  • Foundation staff can furnish Affiliates with marketing materials, including sample news releases, fact sheets, presentations and other documents and communication services, on an as-needed basis.

Rewarding Growth

The St. Croix Valley Foundation offers ongoing training and technical assistance and provides support in the form of education and materials to help Affiliate boards sustain and grow the assets of their foundations.