Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation



Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation


Mission: To improve the Chisago Lakes Area for its population 

History: The Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation was established in 2008. Its purpose is to build permanently endowed funds that will generate income. That income will help enhance new projects and initiatives through annual grants to groups and citizens of the area.

Our funds are not the result of a single person’s or corporation’s giving but instead represent hundreds of donors who care about the Chisago Lakes area. We make your money work for The Chisago Lakes area . . . forever! 

Impact: We hope to improve the “livability” of the Chisago Lakes Area 

Grant Opportunities: We invite Grant Applications every August. The Applications are reviewed by a committee and the winners are announced in the local paper.

Upcoming Events: Art Dash – Fall of 2018, Participation in the Blandin Leadership Training – February – 2018 

Board of Directors:

  • Becky Carlson
  • Susan Clayton
  • Dan Hoolihan – Chair
  • Dean Jennessen
  • Jesse A. Johnson
  • Sara Johnson
  • Kathy Kirvida
  • Julie Lauritzen
  • Sue Mack
  • Patricia Maloney
  • LouAnn Mattson
  • Darcy Nelson
  • Noel Stensrud
  • Monica Tosteson
  • Adam Wojtowicz

Donate Now: PO Box 449, Lindstrom, MN 55045

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