Prescott Foundation

Mission:  Build a better community through charitable giving.

History: The Prescott Foundation has been improving the quality of life and advancing philanthropy in the Prescott area since 1989 when it was established as the Prescott Fund. In late 1999, the Prescott Fund and the Prescott Educational Foundation joined together as the Prescott Foundation to support community and educational needs. In 2013 we became an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation, which provides us with expert investment management and additional resources for administration.

Impact: Each year, thousands of dollars flow from the Prescott Foundation to local schools,  organizations, and charitable groups that respond to specific community challenges and improve the vitality of our community.   We have raised funds and distributed grants for large projects like the creation of the Great River Road Visitor and Learning Center at Freedom Park, development of new youth ballfields, and aesthetic and practical enhancements for the school auditorium. We have also helped with numerous smaller projects and programs, including library reading programs, an outdoor patio for senior community members, ambulance equipment, and classroom improvements.   Because of the generosity of our donors, the Foundation has been able to grant over $475,000 to organizations and schools in the Prescott community! In addition, we were able to help raise and distribute over $450,000 to build the Learning Center at Freedom Park. We are proud to act as the link between those who donate funds and those who put the funds to good use.   We also maintain an endowment fund that will support Prescott area initiatives for years to come.

Grant Opportunities: The Prescott Foundation supports programs, projects and organizations that enrich life for residents of the Prescott community. We provide grants for community development, education, recreation, arts and culture, environmental projects, youth programs and community services. We are especially interested in supporting programs that create a positive and lasting impact.   We review grant requests on a rolling basis, generally at the start of each month. Applications should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the month for consideration.

Upcoming Events: Annual Golf Outing each August. For details:

Board of Directors:  A volunteer Board of Directors governs the Prescott Foundation. The Board defines the mission and strategies of the Foundation. Current board members are listed on our website.

  • Mandy Matzek, President
  • Tom Magnan, Vice President
  • Miranda Green, Secretary
  • Jim Lewis, Treasurer
  • Charlie Block
  • Jason Brazzale
  • Phil Helgson
  • Mark Helmer
  • Dar Hovel
  • Joan Korfhage
  • Mark Most
  • Veronica Wittek
  • Rick Spicuzza, Ex-officio (School Administrator)
  • David Hovel, Ex-officio (Mayor)

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Contact Us:  Email: Mail: PO Box 392, Prescott, WI 54021