Stillwater Area Community Foundation

Mission:  We’re connecting people and philanthropy to the needs of our local communities. Through annual grants, civic projects and a long-term endowment, the Stillwater Area Community Foundation is creating a culture of local philanthropy where contributions large and small combine to make a meaningful impact today and tomorrow. We are focused on making sure the Stillwater area is a great place for everyone—of all means and cultures—to live, work and play. Communities within our service area include Bayport, Baytown Township, Grant, Lake Elmo, Marine on St. Croix, May Township, Oak Park Heights, Stillwater and West Lakeland Township.

History:  Founded in 2010.

Impact:  Our community engagement is ongoing through several key programs:

The Great Idea Competition: This annual program is open to any citizen, group, troop, business or organization with an idea for improving the community—and the determination to complete it. The winning applicant receives a grant of up to $10,000 to help turn their idea into a reality. Past winners have improved the Stillwater stairs, developed the Lens Flare Stillwater historical tour app (, and built the Stillwater dog park.

Sparks! Social Enterprise Camp: At our week-long summer day camp, local high school students investigate the possibilities of creating a business that makes money and makes a difference. The curriculum includes a full day spent visiting local businesses and organizations to see the social enterprise concept in action. Our inaugural program launched summer 2017.

Stillwater Area Forever Fund: This permanent and growing endowment provides a sustainable source of funding to support evolving needs and ensure the long-term vitality of the communities we serve.

Grant Opportunities:
Annually, we provide financial support to local nonprofits targeting initiatives and projects relating to human services, the arts, youth and the environment.

Upcoming Events:  Grant applications are accepted in the fall.

Board of Directors:

  • Miriam Simmons, Chair
  • Tom Triplett, Vice-chair
  • Jennifer Cates Peterson, Treasurer
  • Dr. Kevin Bjork
  • Gregg Brooksbank
  • Barbara Frederickson Casey
  • Robert Gray
  • Jill Greenhalgh
  • Bill Kohn
  • Katie Kranz
  • Erica Oesterreich
  • Dan Raleigh
  • Mary Richie
  • Dr. Ned Windmiller

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Contact Us:

Stillwater Area Community Foundation
1809 Northwestern Avenue
Stillwater, MN 55082