Donors, Imagine the power of a gift that keeps on giving … for generations. That’s the shared goal when you partner with the St. Croix Valley Foundation.

If you live, work, visit, claim roots in or have any connection to the St. Croix Valley, we invite you to get to know us … and join us. Be a part of our vital mission to ensure that charitable giving achieves the greatest possible impact here—now and in the future.

SCVF offers many options to personalize your philanthropy!

If you want to…

  • have your own private family foundation, start a Family Foundation Fund for maximum flexibility 
  • help specific nonprofit organizations or causes forever, start a Designated Fund
  • benefit a particular issue or interest area, start or add to a Valley Impact Fund
  • ensure that community needs are met way into the future, give to the Community Dividend Fund
  • stabilize your non-profit organization’s operating costs, start an Agency Fund
  • help a student with educational costs, start a Scholarship Fund



Please contact SCVF’s Margi Miller at (715) 386-9490 or for more information.