Benefits of a Community Foundation


For a community, the benefits of having a community foundation are many. A community foundation:
· Helps build local wealth
· Is agile enough to respond to community needs quickly
· Is locally controlled
· Allows grassroots input
· Uses private, not public, dollars
· Leverages the funds of other foundations and partners to have a greater impact
· Serves as a local vehicle to accept bequests of local people who want to leave a lasting legacy for their community For donors the SCVF offers the following benefits:


Your community foundation is your “one-stop-shop” for all your charitable giving needs. It’s an easy and effective way to support the groups and issues you care about through a gift to a single organization.

Tax Benefits

Gifts to your SCVF or one of its funds receive the maximum tax advantages for income, gift and estate tax purposes.

Effective Leadership

The St. Croix Valley Foundation and each of its Affiliated Foundations adhere to the highest standards of professional excellence. We are confirmed in compliance and have met the standards for operational quality, donor service and accountability in the community foundation sector for the National Standards for Community Foundations and the Minnesota Charities Review Council.


We distribute charitable dollars and we not the end user. Unrestricted funds are used to support the community’s most important needs and opportunities, while other funds established by donors are designated to benefit our donors’ favorite causes. Our sole objective is to facilitate philanthropy and further encourage giving back to the community.


There is always a chance that a nonprofit organization’s mission or leadership may, over time, change significantly. The St. Croix Valley Foundation can help our donors respond to these changes. Where donors have established permanent endowments with us, we can help to assure that if such changes do occur, the funds are reallocated according to the donor’s original intent.

Professional Management

SCVF has selected the Fund Evaluation Group, one of the nation’s top financial investment groups, to provide cost-effective and knowledgeable advice about our assets, allocation, managers, and risk management. This allows donors, nonprofit organizations, and Affiliated Foundations to fully focus on their charitable work.


An annual independent audit ensures fiscal responsibility.


The St. Croix Valley Foundation was established in 1995 and has experienced continued substantial growth. Your outright or deferred gift will last forever when it is given to the endowments of SCVF or that of one of its Affiliated Foundations. With an endowment, assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income year after year and your legacy will last forever.