Endowment Campaign

What is a Vibrant Community?

Vibrant communities are well-functioning, welcoming and caring. They are intentional and diligent in providing services for neighbors in need. They value diverse ideas, experiences, and ways of life. They seek balance and equity in all things. They view their children as the hope for the community’s future. They are rigorous in providing the public a safe and healthy environment. The government and public office holders work with the public’s interest in mind.

Why Invest in Vibrant Communities?

Community investment provides individuals and organizations with tools and skills to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities. Community investment results in a pathway out of poverty, Millions of lives have been changed in the United States and around the world by this sustainable investment strategy.


With our TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER Endowment Campaign, we aim to add $7.5 million in new charitable contributions to a community-based, unrestricted endowment. This is the financial goal for St. Croix Valley Community Foundation’s partnership with ten of its community-based foundations.

To sustain our mission as a community leader and philanthropic resource, while addressing our communities’ needs now and far into the future, it is vital that public and private stakeholders come together to invest in those neighborhoods that need it most.

Like the weave of a basket, we are stronger together. Each thread of insight brings new energy and strength from a different direction, supporting the other threads but in different ways. Together We Are Stronger.

It’s Your Decision!

Together We Are Stronger is a campaign with a $7.5 million goal. When a donor makes a gift to the St. Croix Valley Foundation campaign, the funds are invested and placed in a Building Vibrant Communities Endowed Fund with only the income earned is being used.

Additionally, there are several opportunities for the endowment of program-specific gifts. You can designate your gift to any one of the key project areas targeted in the campaign. Or you can simply give toward the overall campaign goal.

More Information

The St. Croix Valley Foundation Campaign Director will be happy to work with you to develop a gift plan that fits your particular needs and interests.

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