Professional Advisors

The St. Croix Valley Foundation works closely with a large network of professional advisors in the six counties that we serve (Washington and Chisago Counties in Minnesota, and Polk, Pierce, Burnett and St. Croix Counties in Wisconsin).  The result is mutually beneficial – your clients invest their philanthropic dollars wisely with us.  In return, we are able to invest in the most effective nonprofits in the St. Croix Valley area…and beyond.
The SCVF’s goal is to help you help your clients. We want to help them maximize their gifts and meet their philanthropic objectives.

Our investment objectives are to:

  • preserve capital, first and foremost
  • strive for consistent absolute returns
  • earn the highest possible returns given the risk tolerance established by SCVF’s Board of Directors

We have a special program for donors who choose to make a gift but want you, their financial professional, to continue to manage the money. The Investment Partners Program allows a donor to make a gift and for you to be included in the fee structure.